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BI101 Unit 1 Homework Assignment ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND GRADING RUBRIC ARE POSTED HEREComplete the following and submit the Word document by midnight Sunday. Remember to include complete citations for all sources used to answer each question.Complete the table below, illustrating how these properties of water above are related to the phenomena listed below. More than one property may be used to explain a given phenomenon. You also need to explain how each property is responsible for each phenomenon. 3. In agricultural areas, farmers pay close attention to the weather forecast. Right before a predicted overnight freeze, farmers spray water on crops to protect the plants. Use the properties of water to explain how this works. Be sure to mention why hydrogen bonds are responsible for this phenomenon.4. The following are pH values: cola-2; orange juice-3; beer-4; coffee-5; human blood-7.4. Which of these liquids has the highest concentration of OH-?5. List the four major classes or groups of biologically important macromolecules and explain one reason for the importance of each.6. Explain what denaturing of a protein is and what conditions might cause it.7. Describe three differences between DNA and RNA.The following Grading Rubric will be used to score your homework:


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