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Select one of the public health issues that you described in the Week 1 (Obesity) assignment and explain how the ten essential services are addressing that issue in your community or state (Georgia). You should directly identify at least three of the ten essential services and show the relationship between the essential service and the public health issue. Present the information in 5–7 pages. Provide an overview of the issue, including the target population, the status of the public health issue, descriptive statistics, policy information, the involvement and role of key organizations, key activities, and any challenges that are related directly to addressing the issue.Submission Details10 Essential Services Reference:American Public Health Association. (2014). 10 essential public health services. Retrieved from about-apha/centers-and-programs/quality-improvement -initiatives/national-public-health-performance-standards -program/10-essential-public-health-servicesAssignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Provided an overview of the health issue and the target population with descriptive statistics. 20 Identified at least three of the ten essential services and explained the relationship.20 Described the involvement and role of key organizations. 15 Discussed policy, key activities, and challenges that are being faced. 15 Presented a structured document free of spelling and grammatical errors. 10 Used at least five current references for support. 10 Properly cited sources using APA format. 10 Total: 100


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