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a. Summarize evidence supporting why the organization or community has expressed interest in the selected public policy issue. How organization(s) would be interested in working with to build a coalition for the bottom up approach. Do they have information on their website? Printed materials? Have they discussed this issue at conferences? Be sure to cite source, such as the organization’s website address, monthly newsletter, or personal communications at a meeting.b) Discuss how the goal of the community or organization aligns with your goal for the selected public policy issue. Have they done work with this before? Is there something in their mission statement that demonstrates goal alignment? Cite a source for how you know this information.c) Discuss the action steps that need to be taken to achieve your goal from part C2b. List 3-5 important action steps that you and your partners will take to educate others about the issue, to advocate for your policy, and to gain support from stakeholders. (Town hall meeting, sub-committee of you group on the subject? Arrange for meetings with other organizations or individuals who may be interested in supporting idea?)d) Discuss the 3-5 possible roles/responsibilities of the community or organization members, including problem-solving and capacity-building roles. Identify 3-5 important roles for you group members. It helps to think about what you need the community group to do – then identify specific individuals to take on those functions i(e. meeting facilitator). Important part is to identify what group needs people to do in order to accomplish Action Steps, and then identify group members (by position or area of expertise) who have the knowledge, skills, or experience to take on those roles.e) Discuss key elements of developing a collaborative evaluation plan, using CBPR principles. Discuss how you would use each of the three CBPR principles as you work with your community group. Provide and example of how you group might use this principle in your work. Then briefly discuss h0w using the principle will help your group meet its goal. This might look like:The first CBPR principle we selected to use is ______________. Our group will use this principle by doing _______________. Using this principle will help us achieve our goals by _______________.f) Discuss how you will evaluate the success of your community or organization plan (bottom-up approach). Discuss how you will evaluate each of the action steps. A long tem success would be evidence of actual change that you expect to see if the policy is adopted. Identify one indicator for long tem success.


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