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BUS375 (link is in orange)Discussion 1wk5Read the Forbes article The Difference between Coaching and Mentoring (LINK BELOW) . Coaching and mentoring are both functions of HRM. Many of the characteristics are similar. However, the two techniques are best used for different situations. Describe the main differences between coaching and mentoring. Give an example of a scenario in which coaching is the better method. Give an example in which mentoring is the better method.Discussion 2wk5 (links are in orange)Organizations are increasingly concerned with sustainability and corporate social responsibility – whether for business, legal, or values-based reasons. The HR function is uniquely positioned to assist in both developing and implementing a sustainability strategy.Go to The Guardian’s Corporate Social Responsibility (Links to an external site.) page and select a video or article from the list provided. If possible, avoid selecting videos or articles already chosen and discussed by classmates. After viewing the video or reading the article you have selected, provide a summary of it and a response to the following discussion prompts:· Explain how the organization in the video or article demonstrates corporate social responsibility.· Explain HR’s role in formulating corporate values and developing an overall business sustainability strategy.· Identify examples of sustainable HR practices that support a culture of corporate social responsibility.We are using the Guardian as a source for articles and I think it is fair to acknowledge that it is a political left leaning British daily newspaper.  The newspaper has a reputation as a platform for liberal and left-wing editorial.  To be balanced, you can also take a look at these articles which view CSR differently.Why ‘Good Guy’ Stocks Can Help You Beat the Market (Links to an external site.)What’s wrong with corporate social responsibility? The arguments against CSR.


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