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Term Paper Instructions:The question assigned is: Explain the impact of Drug Use/Abuse on Juvenile Delinquency.The course Term Paper will be written in APA (6th edition) Format. This format will consist of the following:Cover PageAbstract PageThe Body of the Paper (Content of the Page)The Reference Page.The paper must have a MINIMUM of 5 pages of content. NOT to exceed 8 pages of content. The 5-8 pages DO NOT include the Cover Page, Abstract Page and Reference Page. The paper will be written in 12 point Font with one inch (1) margins, doubled spaced, Times Roman Script with the pages numbered. The last page of the paper MUST be at LEAST three quarters (3/4) filled with content. (One or two sentences at the top of the page WILL NOT meet this requirement.) No design or graphics on the Cover page. No Pictures, Graphs, Charts or Power Points will be included in the body of the paper. The paper will have NO MORE than three (3) quoted or paraphrased passages/sections in the content/body portion of the paper. All specific information mentioned in the paper MUST be referenced using in-text citations (APA 6th edition format).(Graphs, charts, pictures and articles and stories: These items can be attached as addendums to the end of the paper)The paper MUST have 5 scholarly research reference sources. (Wikipedia and are NOT scholarly research sources. The references MUST be titled and cited using APA (6th edition)Grading Criteria:SpellingGrammarSentence StructurePunctuationQuality of ContentResearch Paper RubricYou will fully discuss and evaluate the question assigned to you, and you will explain the main points, key concepts, and included assumptions/conclusions based on cited references. 100 points.Paper is a minimum of 5 pages, not including the Cover Page, Abstract, or Reference Page.   20 points (20 point deduction for each page under minimum page length requirement or required pages not included) Justify or support thoughts and responses by using appropriate cited references. The paper is required to include at least five APA cited references. 30 pointsUse APA 6th edition format consistently and accurately.  Use and apply proper in-text citations when paraphrasing or quoting a source and proper listing of references. The paper must meet spelling and proper English grammar requirements and meet required length. The paper MUST be structurally correct. No Run-On, Incomplete Sentences. 30 points.The paper must be submitted on time and in the correct assignment drop box as a single complete, properly formatted submission. 20 pointsTotal Points: 200


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