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Writing and Submission Requirements
Length:           1500 words, minimum (if done as group, each member must contribute 1200 words)
Format:           Discipline-specific format OR Memo Format
Submission:    Turn in to E-Learning as an attached document in Word (.docx) Name the file using your name and the name of the assignment (e.g.: Allie Gator Rec Report.docx).
Assignment Prompt and Context
In professional fields, a recommendation report is a document that argues for adopting workplace innovation or amending current practice. Though the requirements can be described in different ways, the global structure of recommendation reports is virtually always the same: Problem à Solution. You must first define a significant problem and then explain a feasible solution. It is critical that you establish the significance of the problem and the benefits associated with the solution. Completing a recommendation report means assessing current options, providing criteria for choosing a solution, making a specific recommendation, proposing an implementation schedule, and creating an evaluation plan that measures success of the project.
For this assignment, you will recommend some workplace change or innovation within your field. To begin, you’ll need to identify something that needs change! You may already be aware of a problem that needs addressing (ranging from public education about an issue to a technological change in industry). Or, you can choose a topic from among continuing issues in workplaces, such as 1) adopting cloud-based technology/applications; 2) using social media for promotion or education (e.g., content marketing or branding; 3) aligning a company with charitable initiatives, either locally or globally; 4) manager training; 5) creating corporate culture; 6) public image; 7) ensuring employee productivity.
This assignment also includes forming a working group to provide feedback, discussion, and accountability. The purpose of this group is to provide support, and is similar to complex project collaboration on the job. Your instructor may decide to make this a group project where all members work on the same recommendation report; in this event, each member is responsible for 1200 words, and the group will need to provide evidence of equal participation.
The Final Recommendation Report will include: Front Matter: cover and title page, table of contents, table of figures, executive summary. Body: introduction, methods, results, conclusions, recommendations, implementation plan, evaluation plan Back Matter: references, glossary (if needed), list of symbols (if needed), appendix (if needed)


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