star classification

   Now that you have explored the relationship between spectral type, temperature and luminosity, you can further investigate these variables using with the simple animation at the bottom of the website: To check for understanding, use the slider bar to answer the following questions below  .  Answers may be Read more…


   Answer 5 questions, due in 24 or less, I will pay 8 only. 100 words for each question. Warning if you deviate from any part of my instructions including be being late at all, I will ask for a full refund or dispute. Once we make a deal I Read more…

Volcanic Material Identification

Go the Volcanic Material Identification and complete the identification of the 15 samples. You may complete this lab as many times as you would like. After completing each sample, take a screenshot of your 100% correct results. Save your screenshot, upload it, and submit it for a grade.


Compare the characteristics (general weather, movement, etc.) of a cold front to a warm front. Explain why they exhibit different characteristics. What weather would you expect to encounter with each? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.