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Read and Answer the Question 1 BelowIdentify three different manufacturers who produce this food product and look up their nutrition label and ingredients list.Compare the types and amounts of fat in each product and discuss which is the “healthiest” option?Why is one healthier than the other? What are the health considerations?Are there different health circumstances under which one is a better choice?Read and Answer The Question 2 Below2.In The NewsReflection: Given the difficulty in growing and more conveniently studying most environmental microorganisms such as bacteria in the laboratory,how do you suppose we could identify or study them otherwise?Word Count is your disceretionAPA FormatRead Case Study Below and Answer the QuestionsUse Book “Nurse Ethics Across The Curriculm And Into Practice By Janie B.Butts & Karen L. Rich”3.In the relationship between Jane and the surgeon, what ethical issues are going on between them?To answer explore the history and research on nurse physician relationship in the chapter.What bioethical principle did the surgeon violate with Jan and his patient?Word Count is your disceretionAPA Format***Read Below and Use Book “Nurse Ethics Across The Curriculm And Into Practice By Janie B.Butts & Karen L. Rich” If NeededAPA FORMAT750 WORDSSUBMIT A PLAGIARISM REPORT FOR ALL QUESTIONS***Answer every question in your own words***Answer all Questions On A Separate Piece of Paper***Due no later than 1/24/18 4pm American /New York Time


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