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THE INSTRUCTIONS IS ON THE BOTTOM.. I ATTACHED THE CASE STUDY Associate what you have learned about the theories to this case studycomplete interactive case studies and be asked to associate what you have learned about theory in comparison to the case study and reflect on it.Each time you have completed a case study, click on “Create Journal Entry” above to post your reflection. Each reflection should include the following:A comparison of what you have learned from the case study to related theories you have studied. Make sure to cite these theories in APA format. A comparison of the case study to your nursing practice, giving one or two examples from your nursing experience in which you might have applied a particular theory covered. Your reflection should be a minimum of five to six paragraphs.attachment screen_shot_2017-02-03_at_7.30.27_pm.png attachment screen_shot_2017-02-03_at_7.30.23_pm.png attachment screen_shot_2017-02-03_at_7.30.17_pm.png attachment screen_shot_2017-02-03_at_7.30.12_pm.png attachment screen_sh


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