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page length 4-8 pages 12pt times new roman , double spaced, standard margins, and numberedTopics:MadnessRevengeDeathFather – son relationshipMother – son relationshipsuicideyou can also analyze a single characters significance, compare a pair of characters who stand in some specific relationship to each other, or explore a group of characters who stand in some specific relationship to each otherResearchYou will be required to do outside resources to add to your claim. Use library resources to search for scholarly, reputable articles. Your sources may include broad analysis of Hamlet, information about Shakespeare and Elizabethan era, well written general interest pieces, entries from periodicals, histories of the plays publication or production, specific critical theoretical perspectives.BibliographyCreate a bibliography featuring at least two articles in flawless MLA formatThis essay requires that you include at least one quotation from a secondary source in order to support and develop your argument. You will also certainly need to include well chosen quotes from the play and you should make sure to explain their significance to your reader.QoutationsAll quotations, poetry, and prose must be properly cited according to MLA format and all paraphrased material must be properly attributed. Your essay must include a works cited page at the end.


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