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No Plagiarism! Provide references and cite in text where used. Due on Saturday April 29, 2017 by 2 pm.
QUESTION #1 (150 words)
Healthcare systems are huge, complex, and constantly changing as they respond to economic, technological, social, and historical factors. The availability of technology has a profound effect on the health care costs and the availability of medical care. Local, state and national policy makers have an impact on these systems. Explain what you would do to encourage and increase technological advances and availability and try to decrease costs for all the stakeholders involved.
QUESTION #2 (400 words)
Explain how local, state, and federal policymakers can impact the delivery of healthcare in this country.
·         Given the complexity of healthcare today, express why patient safety is so important and how risk management is woven into the improvement process.
·         Depict how the EMR is useful in the risk management and quality improvement activities.
Use the (attached) table to describe the (4) GEMS framework, error types and to give an example of each error type.


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