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You will be performing research on SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Drawing upon your learning in previous courses, you will be asked to analyze various facets and provide a detailed picture of SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA. A minimum of 2000 words and at least 4 different references used. Cite in text where references are used and no plagiarism! I need this by Sunday January 28, 2018 by 5pm!
Financial management, quality, and marketing aspects of SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
• Analysis of the service reimbursement for SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA (state, federal, insurance, and private pay)
• Methods of funding
Quality and Ethics
• Accreditation 
• Awards
• Regulation
• Ethical issues regarding who receives care at SHANDS HOSPITAL- UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
• Strategies
• Branding
• Community and employee involvement


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