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  Answer each exercise as directed below
1.     Follow and observe a manager during his or her daily activities.
·      Make a list of the activities he or she engaged in and determine the proportion that can be classified in terms of the four management functions, three manager’s skills, and Mintzberg’s management roles.
2.   Assume you are applying for a managerial position in a healthcare facility.
·      How would you describe your managerial style during the interview?
·      Which management theory best explains the managerial style you described?
3.   Consider performance feedback you have been given.
·      How was it presented and how receptive were you?
·        How could it have been presented or what could the supervisor or manager have done to make you even more receptive to the feedback?
4.   Rapid changes are occurring in most areas of healthcare.
·      Identify a change that is occurring presently in a facility or department you are familiar with.
·      Interview people to learn how they are reacting to the changes.
·      If you were a manager, what could you do to facilitate the employees’ transition?


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