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HISTORY OF MEXICO COURSE DEBATE.Debate Prompt: Census figures indicate that Hispanics, many of whom come from Mexico or are of Mexican ancestry, are the fasting growing population in the United States.This has caused some to argue that “American” culture is in danger, specifically with regard to the English language.Others suggest that multiple languages and a more diverse population would be beneficial to the U.S.This debate centers around several questions, amongst them:should Hispanics be required to learn English before being granted work visas?Should English be made the official language of the United States?Should schools require English-only instruction? **** My side on the debate: English should not be made the official language of the united states. Schools should not have English-only instruction. Give reasons for all debate questions. Census data, future of the united states6-8 pages. MLA format. NO WIKIPEDIA SOURCES!! ***Need creditable sources!!


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