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why is your topic a national health priority areas and how is this being addressed’Attached the assignment details1.define the health priority and state why it is a priority2. include information on what it is and whom it affects3. in the priority area, show evidence or credible and current research data to illustrate that this is a valid arguement (IMPORTANT)4. Which specific target groups are impacted eg. youth(12-18yrs), young adults (18-30yrs), or seniors (60+)5. illustrate the positioning of the priority within the frameworks of welling being ( you can use erikson framework)6. how are fundamentals of health promotion addressing this area of concern?7. Discuss in relation to action and strategies of health promotion, are there any gaps name at least 1 or 2.8. reference in text (APA) format include reference list as per APA FormatFormat of Individual Assessment:Introduction– Set the context– define the national health priority area– Why is it important? Economic? Society?– Sub content of your main bodyMain Body– Evidences to support priority – target group/ areas (erikson framework) – Compare and Contrast policy with Ottawa Charter   Conclusion – Demonstrate understanding that you have answered assignment questions: “why is your topic a national health priority area and how is this being addressed.”   Basically you have to collect alot of data and cross reference each other


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