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Seminar 10Sustainable and Responsible Business in 21st CenturyManaging environmental challenges and risk Worksheet for activity 1  Laasch and Conaway p78List the activities Judith carries out in her role and highlight which are linked with legislation i.e. compulsory, and which are voluntary i.e. organisations choose to do these to improve performance.   What kind of activities comprise an EIA?    What are some of the conflicts she has to juggle in her job?   How does she persuade business leaders to spend money on CSR or activities that are not part of their core business?   What does she highlight as her main challenges?   Activity 2 Hallmark DVDCSR and AwardsHow does a good CSR policy translate in to responsible business practice?If you were an employee what would you think of Hallmark’s CSR approach? What are your expectations of the psychological contract you have with your employer?If you were a supplier what would you think of Hallmark’s CSR approach and what would your expectations be?If you were a customer what would you think of Hallmark’s CSR approach and what your expectations be? How convinced are you that this is a leading actor in responsible business?Positives              – what should Hallmark be praised for and why?Criticisms             – what is less credible to you and why?– what more could/should they be doing?  Activity 3  Kopina and Blewitt p 131 case studyWalmart greenwashing the supply chain           Why does this case study suggest that Walmart’s work on it supply chain is greenwash?Does green marketing just reinforce the ideology of consumerism – discuss


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