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ASM 104 Summer 2018 Name: ______________________Extra Credit Lab Questions (30 points)Human Morphological Variation Due: on or before 11:59 pm Saturday, June 23rdInstructions: print off this assignment, fill it out by hand, scan and submit as a PDF.Note: (1) this is individual work; assignments that are identical or very similar to another student’s will not receive credit (2) answers must be legible, dark enough to read and pages scanned in thecorrect orientation or student will be required to resubmit work (with a potential late penalty) and (3) spelling counts for 25% of the points.1. Imagine you’re with some friends talking about variation and how many races there are. One person says that there are three and another thinks that there are five. Would you agree with either one? Why or why not?2. For the same group of friends in question 1 (none of whom have had a course in biological anthropology), how would you explain how scientific knowledge doesn’t support their preconceived notions about human races?3. In the twentieth century, how did the scientific study of human diversity change from the more traditional approach?4. Why can we say that variations in human skin color are the result of natural selection in different environments? Why can we say that less-pigmented skin is a result of conflicting selective factors?5. We know that infectious disease has played an important role in human evolution. Do you think it still plays a role in human adaptation today?6. How have human cultural practices influenced the patterns of infectious disease seen today? Provide as many examples as you can, including some not discussed in this chapter.


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