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Business Proposal for a Chicien Producing Farm Power Point.1) How many hens and roosters do we need to produce eggs and chickens for 5 million people to consume?• Please include the name of the most economic hen and rooster ( that produces the most)• Please and how much it will cost the business to purchase the animals.2) Find a farm in Ocala, FL to purchase or to rent to build the chicken coop. Add the cost of the property and how much it will cost with employees to work for the farm.3) Find out how much we should sell the eggs and chickens to supermar in order to make a profit. Make a bar graph or pie graph.3)Add how much money it will cost to keep the farm open (food for chicken and maintenance) and how much money it will produce the company for profit. Make a bar graph or pie graph.Important Note:8 slides power point-In the first slide put a title ( a good title )


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