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Human Resource ManagementTHE KEY FUNCTIONSInstructionsThis presentation has been drafted but has not been completed. Your task is to complete this presentation by inserting the remaining elements. As you navigate from one slide to the next, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Once you finish, save all of your work to the template and submit it in Blackboard for grading.HRM: A Concept MapHuman Resource ManagementTraining and DevelopmentMaintaining an Effective WorkforceComplete the concept map by labeling (with text) the circles with the missing key functions of human resource management.The Overall Purpose of HRMUse this space (replace this text) to briefly describe the purpose and overall function of human resource management. Be sure to use your own words.RecruitingHow would you describe the recruiting function of HRM?SelectingHow would you describe the selecting function of HRM?Training and DevelopmentHow would you describe the training and development function of HRM?Employee DevelopmentHow would you describe the employee development function of HRM?Maintaining an Effective WorkforceHow would you describe HRM’s function of maintaining an effective workforce?TerminationHow would you describe the termination function of HRM?


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