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Question 1 
__________ is often referred to as the first hospital administrator.
A. Bedford Fenwick
B. W. G. Wylie
C. Florence Nightingale
D. John Hopkins
Question 2 
The first physicians most likely to have used castor oil and peppermint as drugs were __________.
A. Greek
B. Roman
C. Hindu
D. Egyptian
Question 3 
The first psychiatric hospital founded in the New World was located in __________.
A. Norfolk, VA
B. Richmond, VA
C. Williamsburg, VA
D. New York, NY
Question 4 
The discovery of vitamins A and B, which played an important role in the advancement of medicine of the 20th century, is credited to __________.
A. Goldberger
B. McCollum
C. Huldschinsky
D. Finlay
Question 5 
Reform in medical education began early in the century and was almost wholly a result of the efforts of the __________, which was established in 1905 by the AMA.
A. American College of Surgeons
B. Council on Medical Education and Hospitals
C. American Nurses Association
D. Hospital Standardization Program
Question 6 
The inventor of the electrocardiograph, an invention that marked the beginning of medicine in the 20th century, is credited to __________.
A. Einthoven
B. Einstein
C. Eisenberg
D. Ernst
Question 7 
The writings of Hippocrates were preserved by __________.
A. Dutch merchants
B. Van Leeuwenhoek
C. monks
D. barber surgeons
Question 8 
The American College of Surgeons was founded in 1913 under the leadership of __________.
A. Carlos Finlay
B. August Von Wassermann
C. Casimir Funk
D. Franklin H. Martin
Question 9 
The use of anesthesia was first publicly demonstrated at __________ in 1846.
A. John Hopkins Hospital
B. Pennsylvania Hospital
C. New York Hospital
D. Massachusetts General Hospital
Question 10 
One of the main duties of the legislative branch of government is to __________.
A. enact laws
B. legislate values
C. prejudice the law
D. require religious activities
Question 11 
The federal department responsible for overseeing the nation’s social insurance program is the __________.
A. Public Health Service
B. Office of Human Development
C. Department of Health and Human Services
D. Family Service League
Question 12 
__________ is a federally sponsored health insurance program for persons over 65 years of age and certain disabled persons.
A. Medicaid
B. Welfare
C. Medicare
D. Commercial Insurance
Question 13 
A __________ is used by the president to prevent a bill from becoming law through a process that stops any action while Congress is in session.
A. constitutional neglect
B. pocket veto
C. separation of powers
D. declaratory judgment
Question 14 
The U.S. Supreme Court consists of __________.
A. seven associate justices and one chief justice
B. eight associate justices and one chief justice
C. seven associate justices and one rotating chief justice
D. ten associate justices and one chief justice
Question 15 
The state that has its civil law rooted in the French and Spanish legal systems is __________.
A. New York
B. Virginia
C. Maryland
D. Louisiana
Question 16 
Common law in the United States originated in __________.
A. Greece
B. Ireland
C. England
D. France
Question 17 
The plaintiff must establish that a negligent act was __________.
A. foreseeable
B. newsworthy
C. not predictable
D. unlikely to occur
Question 18 
The test for __________ is whether one of ordinary prudence and intelligence should have anticipated the danger to others caused by his or her negligent act.
A. standard of care
B. misfeasance
C. malpractice
D. foreseeability
Question 19 
For liability to be established based on failure to follow a specified standard of care outlined by statute, __________.
A. the defendant must have been outside the specified class of persons outlined in the statute
B. the plaintiff must have been outside the specified class of persons outlined in the statute
C. the defendant must have been within the specified class of persons outlined in the statute
D. the caregiver must have been closely following instructions by his or her peers
Question 20 
The reckless disregard for the safety of another is known as __________.
A. nonfeasance
B. malpractice
C. misfeasance
D. criminal negligence
Question 21 
Liability without fault is referred to as __________.
A. censored liability
B. negligence
C. strict liability
D. products liability
Question 22 
A tort based on the premise of intending harm is __________.
A. a misfeasance
B. a cohersion
C. a misdemeanor
D. an intentional tort
Question 23 
__________ have more difficulty in pursuing defamation litigation than the average individual.
A. Coal miners
B. Criminals
C. Public figures
D. Veterans
Question 24 
A defense in a case where the patient uses a product in a manner in which the product was not intended to be used is __________.
A. strict liability
B. intervening cause
C. disclaimers
D. contributory negligence
Question 25 
The spoken form of defamation is __________.
A. libel
B. slander
C. newspaper article
D. tort-feasor


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