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Descriptive Statistics, Part II: The Normal Distribution and Regression Analysis
A regression analysis is a statistical assessment of the association between two variables, one of which is dependent and the other, independent. The dependent variable is y and the independent variable is x. Regression analysis is used to find the relationships between these variables. Variables within a regression analysis can be negatively correlated or positively correlated.
A situation in which one could model a regression analysis could be the association of hours studied and a grade on a test. The independent variable in this situation is the hours studied, and the dependent variable is the grade on the test because the grade is dependentthe hours studied. The amount of hours one studies has a direct impact on a grade on a test. The relationship between hours studied and the grade on the test is positive because the more hours one studies, theoretically, the better their grade should be.
Write about a real-life situation from which one could model a regression. Explain the situation in detail, and specifically, the independent variable and dependent variable.
Mathematical Explorations
Module 8: Descriptive Statistics, Part II: The Normal Distribution and Regression Analysis
Chapter 12 in Thinking Mathematically, Sections 12.4 – 12.6
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