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Reflection teamsThe attached file pass student of this class answers to them questions and the Scoring rubricThink about two teams on which you have been. One should have been effective and one ineffective. Now answer the questions based on your experience and the information in this lesson folder on developing teams. Do not type on this document. Type on a new sheet, save correctly and submit. Answer in 300 word or fewer.ID the team which was ineffective. Based on the slides—what went wrong? What elements (no more than three) were missing? Be specific in what was missing and give at least one example that demonstrates what you say. ID the team which was effective. Based on the slides—what went right? What elements were there (no more than three)? Be specific in what was present and give at least one example that demonstrates what you say. In your opinion, which one or two characteristics is/are most important in developing an effective team? Why?


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