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Complete 13 page APA formatted essay: Ideal Health System.The term paper “Ideal Health System ” intends to describe the ‘ideal health system’ for a selected population i.e. women within the age group of 18 to 60 years. This paper explains the differentiated social organizations being involved in procuring effectual health care services. An ideal health system signifies the differentiated arrangements planned by healthcare units for societal benefit. The arrangements include identification of the special features related to the healthcare schemes. Verification of the structural aspects of society and the illustrative nature for identifying the ideal healthcare system also reflect the form of arrangements related to healthcare schemes. The various characteristics that are entailed within an ideal healthcare system comprise social assistance, social insurance, social security and private insurance. The healthcare systems are promoting effective expansive plans for women, as their role has immensely transformed. This transformation is the result of their evolving social and economic roles within the societal context. Recently, the society has witnessed an accelerated transformation of the women’s living and economic style. In order to provide effectual healthcare services to women all-round the globe, social organizations play a vital role. With the advent of modernization and globalization, women’s day-to-day living scenario has taken a greater leap. It has been ascertained that women often tend to demonstrate a significant lack of concern regarding their health.aking care of their health. The reasons behind it greatly direct towards their need to be involved in upbringing their children and maintaining their families. This avoidance is the prime cause for a majority of health related problems associated with women. In the recent scenario, women are striving hard to keep a balance in between the work life and the family requirements.


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