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Executive SummaryThis should be a about a 2 page summary assessment of:.1. Political environment analysis:.2 Economic and business environment analysis:.3 Industry – Market Opportunity Analysis for your products and/or services:Identify a new product(s) and/or service(s) opportunities according to the Beacon Council South Florida Target Industries-Products/Services to do business Import-Export with this country that your Company International Doing Business in LATAM Executive team believes will succeed in that country and recommends for market entry. (You cannot pick an existing brand in that country). Why does the country represent a good industry – market opportunity for your product and/or service? Rationale… 4 Cultural dimensions of doing business in the countryThis section should be developed with a set of key guidelines for success when doing business in this country – how some of the cultural habits and differences are likely to impact doing business and the marketing and distribution of your product and/or service in that country, as well as marketing challenges.. 5 Market Entry strategies:.6.  Summary:7. Bibliography/References:This section will be a listing of all your research – your sources of information for this Country – Industry – Market – Product/Service Import-Export Research and Business Plan Report with at least 10 diverse sources, including relevant research using some of the business newspapers, magazines, and online databases from the FIU Library.You can use this website


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