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Midterm Paper InstructionsInstructor Notes: Midterm PaperDEADLINES: Rough Drafts may be submitted to the instructor through Course Messages. Please attach a copy of the rough draft in an editable format to the message. The instructor will review rough draft submissions until the deadline for the paper. The instructor will only review rough drafts based on availability. Therefore, papers submitted earlier will have a greater chance of receiving comments before the due date.PAPER PREPARATIONOUTLINE EXAMPLEThesis Statement: By examining [my organization’s] conflict resolution processes, a better understanding of the positive and negative aspects of this system can be explored through utilizing conflict management principles.Main Point 1: [My organization] has several conflict resolution processes that adhere to the suggestions of Raines (2013) and that work well for the organization.Sub Point 1: [My organization] utilizes an open-door policy which is a commonly used process of effective managers Raines (2013).Evidence 1: Raines (2013) discusses that open-door policies allow employees to feel confident and open in sharing concerns.Evidence 2: Employees at [my organization] often express their opinions to managers when they arise.Main Point 2: [My organization] has several conflict resolution processes that do not adhere to the suggestions of Raines (2013) and that do not work well for the organization.Main Point 3: [My organization] has several conflict resolution processes that would likely be improved by implementing the suggestions of Raines(2013).Midterm Paper ChecklistBasic Checklist per the Course Introduction’s Course ReviewAssignment Checklist per the Final Paper module.Writing Checklist per the Course Introductions Writing Modules.APA Checklist per the Course Introduction APA Module. 


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