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Assignment Overview Type: Individual Project Unit: Biometrics and the Courts Due Date: Tue, 12/12/17 Grading Type: Numeric Points Possible: 185 Points Earned: 0 Deliverable Length: 10–12 page paper View objectives for this assignmentGo To:Assignment Details Learning Materials Reading Assignment My Work: Online Deliverables:Submissions Looking for tutoring? Go to SmarthinkingCollapse All | Expand AllAssignment Details Assignment Description In a 10 –12 page paper, identify and analyze the benefits and challenges that are associated with biometric evidence in the criminal justice system. Include at least 3 techniques in your paper, and use at least 2 case studies to support your position. Consider the following questions when drafting your paper:How do courts determine if evidence is reliable and valid before allowing it into testimony? What is the role of the Frye standard or Daubert standard in determining whether or not the courts will accept biometric evidence? What rules does your state use in this regard? How reliable is fingerprint evidence? Consider examples of its use in criminal courts. How do other biometrics compare to the reliability and validity of fingerprint evidence? What are some of the challenges associated with lower forms of biometrics, such as facial recognition, and acceptance as evidence in court? What is the role of the expert witness related to biometric evidence in court? Please submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


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