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Who do you think is the intended audience of this document? Why?Who wrote the introductory greeting? What is the significance of this person’s job title?According to page 3, why did people support the 1917 revolution in Russia? The first chapter of this series focuses on overt ways that America could be expected to change following a communist revolution. In the chart below, identify both the “old” (American) ways and the “new” (Communist) ways of society. “Old” way of life__________________________________________________________________________ “New” way of life___________________________________________________________________________ According to the end of the first chapter (pg. 8), what will keep this vision from becoming reality?Chapter 2. At the bottom of pg. 30 a fundamental philosophical question is asked. What is the question? What is the “communist” answer? What is the alternate answer?Describe the future predicted by Marx (from his mid-1800s perspective) and how it would come about.Why are some people resistant/ skeptical of Marx’s utopia?Drawing some Conclusions:What ideas about communism do you think the intended audience was meant to take away from this source?What sentiments about communism do you think the intended audience was meant to take away from this source?


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