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Needs Assessment“HIV” focus on young men of color having sex men (YMSM) Due Date: February 24, 2017 a.pdfYou could divide your paper into these sectionsBackground information.· Introduction paragraph (s) that cover YMSM paper your writing· Identify the issues/problem/disease as described in your grant. Review causes, related problems or risks. If you identify five risk factors, you then discuss each risk factor in detail. (address each of these risk factors: high rate of youth prostitution, poverty, high dropout rate from high school, homeless youth, high unemployment rate) · For each of these items you need reliable peer-reviewed literature to support what you say. The only accepted source is (for example, www.rice&, www.garri&· You should consider finding other programs that have been successful at doing what you want to do.· Summarize the problem/risks/issues.· This paper minimum of 8 pages and every be citedThis three articles on YMSM


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