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PUB 407MT Summer Midterm MIDTERM1The Midterm Exam is due by midnight on Sunday June 17. This gives you approximately 17days. The exam must be emailed to me as a Word document.Please take the time to read these instructions.Answer 3 of the following case studies. Each essay answer for each case study must be aminimum of 250 words (double spaced). In other words, between the 3 case studies you willhave at least 750 words (250 x 3). You can certainly write more than the 250 minimum. Includethe title of the case study at the beginning of each response. Your actual response is whatcounts towards the 250-word minimum for each response. Please cite all your information.There is no single right or wrong answers but it is important to back up your responseswith a citation of where you got the information.Your name and Barry Student number are too be placed on the cover page. A 5-point penalty ifyour name is not on the paper. A 5-point penalty for each essay if the actual question is not at thetop of each essay answer (ex: question, then answer. question, then answer, etc). A minimum ofa 10-point penalty for each essay if you write 200-249 words. A minimum of a 20-point penaltyfor each essay if you write 150-199 words. A minimum of a 30-point penalty if you write 100-149 words. No credit for less than 100 words. Late exams will not be accepted. The exam mustbe double spaced, with times new roman 12 .Be sure to appropriately cite using APA. Always cite when you use the words, thoughts, orideas of others. All exams will be submitted to You must work alone. This is nota group exam.Use the textbook for each answer, and at least one academic source from the Barry library(or any academic library).Please include a cover page using APA format.Prepare one reference page at the end for all your references.This is an Open Book mid-term. Call, text, or email me if you have any questions.PUB 407MT Summer Midterm MIDTERM2Select 3 of the following 5 case studies (At least 250 words for each essay)Case Study 1 From Chapter1Case Study: Solyndra and SubsidiesSolar cell maker Solyndra went bankrupt despite receiving $528 million in federal loanguarantees. The company took out a loan directly from the Federal Financing Bank, which is partof the Treasury Department, so when the company filed for bankruptcy and it became evidentthat it would not be able to repay its loan, the Obama administration was attacked by its criticsfor participating in the deal. This incident brought the entire Obama clean energy program underscrutiny, although only two out of about forty projects that received loans through the programdefaulted.As an employee for the Department of Energy, you have been tasked with writing a reportanalyzing the issues associated with Solyndra and with the image of the clean energy program.You are to draft a response to summarize your results and providing recommendations for futureimprovements to the program. Consider the following to assist you in drafting the response:1. Could this incident have been prevented? How could the government have bettermanaged the fallout from the bankruptcy? What factors contributed to the situation?2. Why has this one failure had such an impact on the public’s confidence in thegovernment’s ability to spur economic development? How can the government get thepublic to focus on the many successes of the program?3. How much risk should the government take on in programs such as this one? How canthat risk be mitigated?4. What changes could be introduced to the program in the future? How will these changesaffect the program’s effectiveness?Use your textbook and at least one academic source from the Barry online library. FullAPA citations required.PUB 407MT Summer Midterm MIDTERM3Case Study 2 From Chapter 2Case: U.S. Postal Service and the InternetThe rapid expansion of the Internet caused a decline in the U.S. Postal Service’s core business:first-class mail. The USPS was slow to adapt its business practices to the new market, failing tooffer Internet-based services quick enough to be competitive with private sector companies. Anattempt in 1999 to provide online stamp and parcel-postage purchasing failed due to theorganization’s inflexibility and inertia. The USPS has since caught up to its private sectorcompetitors and offers many web-based services, but has been unable to increase its share of themarket.You work in the marketing department of the United States Postal Service. You have been askedto examine the existing public image of the USPS and provide suggestions for improving thatimage. Prepare a memorandum or response detailing your analysis and suggestions whileconsidering the following to assist you in drafting the response:1. Is there a discrepancy between the services USPS offers and the services that itscompetitors offer? If so, which services might be worth developing and why?2. Is the public aware of the services available to them? If so, is there a way to createcustomer preference for USPS services? If not, how can these services be advertised?3. What are the key drivers of innovation in the postal service? What obstacles in theorganization currently prevent timely innovation?Use your textbook and at least one academic source from the Barry online library. FullAPA citations required.PUB 407MT Summer Midterm MIDTERM


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