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Coursework Brief Using academic literature, critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of leadership at Uber Some Uber case study articles are listed later in this document. You must use these materials as the basis for the assignment. You are expected to provide a short summary of leadership at Uber within your answer, however this should not dominate the assignment. You are expected to pay particular attention to key leaders in the organisation but will need to consider other aspects of leadership. The coursework brief provides basic reading and identifies several additional sources of information that should provide sufficient information about the company and its leadership. The majority of the available word count should be used to apply the academic literature to critically evaluate strengths and weaknesses. In using the academic literature in your assignment you should select appropriate ideas, theories and concepts, such as Transformational Leadership, Ethical Leadership, Authentic Leadership and Toxic Leadership and apply these in your critical evaluation. It is essential that you address this question in an evaluative style, ensuring you consider both strengths and weaknesses before concluding with an evidence-based conclusion.


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