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Nursing education/ Creating Nursing Program Project description Im creating a 4 years nursing program. The theoretical framework of this program is based on Benners model From Novice to Expert. The following are the curriculum concepts of the program 1- Leadership Integrate leadership concepts skills and decision making effectively to promote a culture of safety and quality outcomes for patients in a variety of settings. 2- Evidence Based Practice Evaluate evidence to support and advance nursing care for diverse multicultural and vulnerable populations. 3- Diversity Create quality care practices based on knowledge of holistic spiritual and cultural concepts for nursing care of diverse populations 4- Professionalism Promote the nursing profession by demonstrating caring compassionate and ethical nursing practice. 5- Professionalism Promote professional growth and developments through lifelong learning that supports personal and professional learning by utilizing critical thinking and advocacy 6- Quality & Safety Integrate evidence based practices to promote and increase patient safety and quality of care Inter-professional Team Differentiate interdisciplinary health care team member roles to improve patient outcomes and overall health. 7- Informatics Appraise patient care technologies to improve the management and safety of patient care to diverse populations. 8- Critical Thinking/Clinical Reasoning Establish a systematic approach to nursing processes in order to communicate effective solutions to complex problems in a variety of healthcare settings. 9- Critical Thinking/Clinical Reasoning Incorporate scholarly knowledge nursing theory and problem solving ability to address and influence the delivery of healthcare. The philosophical concepts of the program include: Nursing values compassion competence creativity evidence based research and respect for human dignity. For this assignment I want: 1- evidence-based rational for the following courses to support the curriculum and philosophical concepts of the program. ( Each course in separate small paragraph) No into or conclusion is needed just rational for each course (4- 5 sentences each) not necessarily touching on all the concepts: Health Assessment Health Assessment Lab Intro to Nursing and Inter-professional Term Health Resources and Macroeconomics Acute Adult Nursing Care Acute Adult Nursing Care Clinical 2- evidence-based rational for giving the following courses in the first year that support the programs theoretical framework (from novice to expert) as well as the programs concepts : Chemistry Environmental Factors & Health Intro to Nursing & Interprofessional Health Teams Technical Writing and Composition College Success Skills Anatomy & Physiology I A&P I Lab BioStatistics Nursing Theory Developmental Psychology English Literature Writing Intensive 3- evidence-based rational for the importance of the following curricular concept and how does it relate to the programs philosophy and theoretical framework. (Evidence Based Practice Evaluate evidence to support and advance nursing care for diverse multicultural and vulnerable populations) Please answer each section separately. Remember this is part of a final report that Im creating. So NO need for intro or conclusion . Please contact me if any further instructions are needed


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