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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Leadership strategy issues in NONPROFIT HOSPITALS concentrate on how leadership strategy involves a mission, financial manageme.Download file to see previous pagesAs The Attorney General’s Community Benefits Guidelines (n.d.) points out, the non-profit hospitals have the fiduciary obligation to extend their services to concerned communities on the account of individuals’ tax-exempt status. The governing board and senior management are responsible for framing various organizational strategies which would enable the non-profit hospitals to dispose their duties and responsibilities effectively. In contrast, an inefficient strategic management may adversely affect the basic values of such organizations. Therefore, the non-profit hospitals must oversee the development and implementation of the community benefits plan. To be more specific, they must also design the method to be followed, resources to be accumulated, and the mechanism to be deployed for periodical monitoring. Significance of mission in leadership strategy To begin with, since non-profit hospitals are also separate legal entities, they can also deal with revenues and expenses. and the assets of such hospitals are publicly held. Since these organizations operate on a charitable basis, they may get various sources of public finance including donations and others. Hence, officials dealing with finance department tend to misuse such organizations’ funds which in turn would affect the basic objective of the non-profit hospitals. …


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