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Question descriptionTopic 1: Legal issues of an Advanced Practice Nurse in the WorkplaceChoose one topic from the following list and evaluate how the chosen topic impacts your role as an advanced practice nurse. What are the legal implications related to your practice? These topics are discussed in this week’s chapter readings from the book. Analyze how understanding of the chosen topic will impact your future practice.Choose one:Employer and employee rightsAmerican with Disabilities ActEmployment contracts and unionizationCorporate liabilitySexual harassment in the workplaceEmployees with AIDS/HIV and exposure to blood borne pathogensEnvironmental health and safetyFor each Discussion Topic:Initial posts for each discussion topic must also include a minimum of three peer-reviewed citations.Citations must include outside sources. Additionally, comments should also include a citation to support assertions. While the discussion board tool limits the ability to use APA formatting (e.g., hanging indents), posts must include the required elements of an APA in-text citation and list of references. Each post requires it’s Own answer. They do not require a front face sheet.2Question descriptionNeed the following discussion question answered 300 words APA format and 3 scholary sourcesTopic 1: The Legal Implications of Acceptance or Refusal of an AssignmentAfter reviewing the ANA position statement on “Rights of Registered Nurses when Considering a Patient Assignment,” discuss the legal and ethical implications of accepting assignments. When delegating assignments to unlicensed personnel, what considerations need to be considered? What insurance issues come into play? Analyze the legal principle of Respondeat Superior.


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