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Locate an advertisement that portrays nursing in some way (this can be print or web-based, or TV) and address the following questions in a 500-750 word paper:Whose message is this? Who created or paid for it? Why? Who is the “target audience”? What is their age, ethnicity, class, profession, interests, etc.? What words, images or sounds suggest this? What is the “text” of the message? (What we actually see and/or hear: written or spoken words, photos, drawings, logos, design, music, sounds, etc.) What is the “subtext” of the message? (What do you think is the hidden or unstated meaning?) What “tools of persuasion” are used? What positive messages are presented? What negative messages are presented? What part of the story is not being told?Your paper should be in proper APA format, double-spaced a


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