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Apache and Windows Server IIS Web Server Class:In this week’s forum, we will use the Internet and other appropriate sources to examine the methods used to configure Apache and IIS Web servers to perform certain tasks. To start, research some function that you might want to perform as a Web administrator, such as changing the home directory for your Apache Web server from its default directory to some other value. Then, locate information on how to do it for both Apache and IIS. Summarize your findings in your initial post to this forum and compare and contrast the two methods. What is similar and what is different? Remember to cite any sources that you use.This is the URL link for Prezi Presentation send this comment to the client also with the linkYou can access the multimedia presentation online using the Prezi tool, as i have not the paid version e.g. Prezi Pro that can download it in pdf or ppt version so i am sending you the accessible URL link for the Presentation. Please if you have any problem regarding this can suggest otherwise.


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