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Assignment Prompt:Part 1: Imagine that, due to an emergency, you were unable to attend class or complete an assignment. Write a short letter to a friend in which you tell about the incident. Relate the incident in casual register language, using simple words, slang, jargon or dialect—the “insider language” that you speak among friends—the kind of language you might write in a text message or email. If you speak English as a second language, you may mix your two languages—even to the extent of using a few made-up or combination words. Let your sentences be incomplete, your grammar incorrect, your word choice colorful, even mildly offensive—just make us believe you might really write this way to your friend. In other words, keep it real.Part 2: Using the same story you related above, now rewrite the incident in Formal Register English in an email addressed to your instructor. Remember, communicating with your instructor should be done in formal register and you should use the conventions of professional communication. You will also need to include your name, course and section number, just as if you were sending a “real” message to me.Length: 300-400 words, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spacedCriteria for a successful paper:Your paper should completely answer the above prompt with sufficient examples and details. Your paper should have complete coherent sentences. Your paper should be written in paragraphs with proper punctuation and grammar Your paper should follow MLA format (Font: Times New Roman, Font Size 12pts, line spacing is double spaced). Follow the link below to learn more about MLA guidelines.


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