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The next step in the Capstone Project is the Literature Review.  You are to identify and review the relevant literature on your topic.  To conduct your literature review, you should first identify work that has been done on your topic.  You must use a minimum of three (3) scholarly resources (books, articles, etc.) in your literature review, though you may consult as many sources as you wish.  All sources must be cited.
After you have identified the literature that you are going to use, you should move to an integrated description of the material you read.
Do not structure your paper as a series of book reports or article abstracts.  The literature review should show that you understand how to find scholarly literature on information that is relevant to your Capstone Project.
The literature review should be 3 to 5 pages in length and must be in APA format. 
Please utilize the Online Library resource available to locate scholarly sources.
Submit your Literature Review as a word document using the assignment link


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