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Conduct research to identify one web-based human resources information systems (HRIS). Discuss the advantages and disadvantages that managers/administrators may face when using this system when planning for and managing existing employees. You can look online in this book for information, Pynes, J E (2013) Human Resources Management for Public and non profit organizations 4th ed. 300 words please APA formatFor the Unit VI assignment, you will evaluate employee empowerment initiatives. Through this article review, you will learn how to determine whether an employee empowerment initiative is driven by Model I values or Model II values. The review will focus on the following article, found in the Waldorf Online Library.Maxwell, J. R. (2005). Management of employee empowerment. Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict, 9(1), 61. Retrieved from d=64dce90cWrite a review that is a minimum of two pages in length of the article listed above.Include the following elements in your article review: an introduction to the overarching topic of the article, the authors’ main points, the author’s supporting evidence for each main point, your analysis of how the article relates to this course’s content and how it applies to real-world situations, your critical evaluation of the main points and supporting evidence presented in this article (Your evaluation should demonstrate critical thinking to inform and substantiate your opinion.In your critical evaluation, discuss how to distinguish whether an employee empowerment initiative is driven by Model I values or Model II values. Use the socio-cognitive systems learning model to inform your discussion.), and  a conclusion.


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