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In my I am a veterinarian who has been testing the water in the everglades for phosphorus. I am claiming that the lifespan of the fish swimming in the Everglades waters are cut short due to the water contamination. So The purpose of this paper is to provide information on the water quality concerning the Everglades. 
The Everglades was once this free-flowing ecosystem, however now it is a complicated system that is primarily regulated for consumpt
ive use. There have been many attempts to restore a more natural 
water process, but still phosphorus and mercury contamination, and contaminants from agricultural and environmental factors are current issues that increase pollutants. Further studies have shown that the water quality is harming and potentially decreasing the lifespan of the fish living in the habitat. In this 
study I took water from the everglades and water from a clean environment, 
and then I took 100 fish ( from the Everglades and from Lake Okeechobee) placed them in the different types of water. The purpose of this step was to look 
for an increase of phosphorus in the fish’s blood.  Looking at the results, I found that most of the phosphorus being found in the water is coming from human activity. Therefore, a new law/rule should be implemented when it comes to keeping the area as clean as possible. Spreading awareness to inform farmers how bad their fertilizers are for the environmental is only one example. Protecting the park is one of my team and I’s biggest 
goal, and among all the bad it’s important to say that despite the many challenges the Everglades still has managed to maintain a lot of species in the park. 
Write the materials and methods section and the results section of your paper. These sections work hand in hand. In materials and methods, you explain what you used to conduct your study ( materials) and how you conducted your study (methods). In results, you present the data that you collected by conducting your study. Usually, this takes the form of graphs and/or tables. 
First lay out the materials you used in your study. 
Next provide a step-by-step account of your techniques used to collect data. Again, be detailed. Don’t leave any gaps in explaining your process. 
Materials and methods should be written in past tense because you’re PRETENDING you already conducted the study. Here is the only time the first person is allowed. 
Results. You will actually want to decide what you intend to show in your results before you work through your materials and methods. you have to first ask yourself “What am I trying to prove?” before you can work out, “Heres how i’m going to go about proving it.” You will need at least two graphs for your results, which means that you need at least two dependent variables. For each graph, write a detailed description of what the graph shows. Do not interpret the data yet, thats what your conclusion is for. Simply explain in black and white what the graph shows. 
Finally the abstract, a summary of the entire paper. Which means you’ll be writing a few sentences for each section. 


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