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The goal of this assignment is to practice what you learned in chapter 9 by writing an email and a memo for a business, organization, government agency, etc. A suggestion is to create a scenario in your mock company that needs addressing. Use creativity to address the assignment’s criteria.
For example, OSHA unexpectedly visited your job site and shut it down for safety violations. Now, you need to write an email to your boss explaining the situation, violations and recommended safety improvements. Then, you use the same scenario and rewrite the information in a company memo to notify employees of the new safety changes which serves a new purpose and a different audience. Refer to your textbook for help with emails and memos and follow the rubric.
·  You must think about your audience for the memo and e-mail and indicate it at the top of the assignmentas shown in the examples below. Changing the audience and purpose affects a document’s content, length, style, and format.  
· Use the proper heading and format for both the email and memo.
o Date:
o To:
o From: (Initial after name)
o Subject:
· Please note, you do not conclude a memo with a complimentary closing such as “Sincerely” and your signature. The way to sign a memo is to initial your name in the heading as shown in the example below.
Bringing a rough draft to class is worth 25 points, completing the peer review is worth 25 points and the final documents (due next week) are worth 50 points.


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