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Write a 500 to 1500 word paper conducting basic economic analysis using at least three sources and APA style format. Discuss current events related to your topic. Use applied terminology (such as supply and demand, marginal costs, etc.) from the notes along with outside sources. This can be a paper that talks about pros and cons of a topic. You could compare past and present happenings in your topic. You could talk about current market trends in your topic. You could make policy recommendations. Regardless of what direction you take, I want to see that you are able to analyze an economic issue in your own words. You need to have an introduction paragraph describing your topic and purpose, along with a body (could be multiple paragraphs), and a concluding paragraph. Be sure throughout to use in-text citations, placing the following at the end of the sentence where you paraphrase a source: (Author’s Last Name, Year of Publication, Page # if direct quote) If it’s a general webpage: (webpage title, web address) Also include a reference section.


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