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MKTG 575 Assignments Week 2: Quiz Here is some information about your quiz.By submitting this work, I am attesting that it abides by the Student Honor Code.Question 15 pts(TCO A) Ads during the Super Bowl cost an advertiser $3 million for 30 seconds of time. Why would an advertiser pay this much for advertising time? Question 25 pts (TCO B) How is public service advertising different from brand advertising? Question 35 pts (TCO A) Explain one advantage and one disadvantage of adding variables to a target audience definition. Question 45 pts (TCO C) Name five of the nine components of a typical communication brief.Question 55 pts (TCO C) Cover Girl is a brand of cosmetics that can be purchased in major discount stores, drug stores, and grocery stores. One of Cover Girl’s largest target markets is college-aged women, and the company wants to get a first-hand understanding of how this market purchases and uses cosmetics on a daily basis. What type of research would be best at getting at this level of understanding?


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