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Purpose of Assignment
The assignment for Week 4 gives students a chance to examine their own decision-making process as well as use a creative method to illustrate the stages of the process. This gives students the opportunity to take their real world, personal decision and relate it to their future work and careers. 
Assignment Steps 
Develop a 700-word evaluation of a recent business decision in your work or desired career. 
Include the following: 
 Discuss the influence the decision-making process had on the outcome.
 Evaluate the effectiveness of the process. What stages were most challenging and why. 
Create a “Decision-Making Process” infographic in an appropriate format for the organization based on the action plan. This can be done using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Publisher®, Word, or sites such as Glogster® and PiktoChart®. 
Select a decision you made recently as it relates to your work or desired career.
 Identify the stages of the decision making process as it relates to your decision. 
Format consistent with APA guidelines. 


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