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reply to instructor 342 wk 1:Now that a great number of products come from all over the world, how important is reverse logistics? I have noticed the increased number of shipments via Amazon are international. However, is it as easy to return products that were produced locally?342 class wk 1 reply 100 words to higdon:I hope you are doing well this week. I’m looking forward to a long weekend, although I still need to wrap up some assignments!I don’t know of many electronics made in the U.S. if any. As consumers we have kind of grown accustomed to purchasing things like that from Japan or China. They make them well. International trade in really neat because it takes what nations do best and distributes them around the world. For example, when something says “made with German steel”, people assume its high quality because they are know for making it well.Have a great weekend!


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