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ETB2111 Assignment, Semester 1 2017 Topics: Chi-squared test, ANOVA & Regression Analysis Due Date: 24th May 2017 (Wednesday of Week 12), This assignment constitutes 10% of the Unit’s total assessment and consists of 3 questions. Question 1 (2+4+ 10 = 16 marks) The Big Max store manager has collected data on age and amount spent in a single transaction by 1000 of its customers. The manager wishes to determine if the amount spent in a single transaction by customers is related to their age. He has classified customers into 3 age categories of ‘Young: £ 30 years’, ‘Middle aged: 31 to 55 years’ and ‘Older: > 55 years’. He uses four categories for amount spent in a single transaction, and defines them as: ‘1 = Casual purchase: amount spent £ $148’, ‘2 = Small purchase: amount spent between $149 and $299’, ‘3 = Medium purchase: amount spent between $300 and $ 553’ and ‘4 = Large purchase: amount spent ³ $554’. The data are given in file ETB2111-Ass2017_Dat.xls. Use Excel to analyse data and answer the following questions. Question 2 (2 + 2 + 3 + 6 + 5 = 18 marks) A sporting goods manufacturing company wanted to compare the performance of four designs of golf balls in terms of the average distance travelled by balls. The company approached a professional golfer and gave him four different designed golf balls for testing. The pro was not told of the type of ball that was being hit. All golf balls were hit in a short period of time so that the environmental conditions did not affect the performance of the balls. The distances travelled in metres by each ball are given in the table that follows. These data are also provided in file ETB2111-Ass2017_Dat.xls on Moodle.Question 3 (2 + 3 + 2+ 6 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 3 = 41 marks) The US Bureau of Labour and Statistics provides data on year-to-year percentage changes in the wages and salaries of workers in private industries, along with “White-collar” and “Blue-collar” occupations. Data on percentage changes in wages of workers in private industries and “Blue-collar” occupations for the years 1980 to 2001 are provided in file ETB2111-Ass2017_Dat.xls. It is believed that the changes in wages of ‘Blue-collar’ occupations are dependent on the wages of workers in the private industries.


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