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They are able to reflect back on what they said or did that was right or wrong. They are also quick to point out when another child or person behaves inappropriately. Children with ADHD may not develop this skill as fast as others and will most likely still need guidance from their parents. By continuing to give the child feedback about their behaviors they will learn how to behave in the future.
Parents will need to continue to enforce the rules and consequences set around the child’s behaviors. Although the child is becoming more responsible and is able to learn from some of his/her mistakes, he/she will still need guidance from his/her parents. Good consistent discipline will help ingrain the desired behaviors into the child’s daily life, setting them up for a successful transition into their teenage years.
Do you want to learn exactly how to eliminate your child’s out-of-control and defiant behavior without using Punishments, Time-Outs, Behavioral Plans, or RewardsTeaching a child with ADHD good social skills can be a struggle for many parents. This is not because the child is unwilling to learn, but because of the behavioral disorder they are faced with. Several of the symptoms of ADHD are directly related to the way a child behaves in social situations.
For example, most children learn that interrupting others is rude or undesirable. A child with ADHD does not understand this concept and will probably continue to do so throughout their childhood. They tend to be very excitable and just cannot wait for their turn to express their feelings or opinions. They also tend to talk a lot and at times when it is not appropriate. A parent should use every one of these occasions as a teaching opportunity. Explain to the child what their behavior should have been in each situation. Always have the child repeat the desired behavior before allowing them to return to what they were doing.


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