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 The benefits of the Big Five personality dimensions test are very simple. By knowing yourself and knowing the personality composition of others, you will be able to more effectively and efficiently communicate, negotiate, handle conflict, and comprehend the perspectives of others.Part IComplete the Big Five personality dimensions test using the following link: IITake your results, and address the questions below in your response. Outline your personality type based on the five categories discussed in the Unit II Lesson and course textbook. How does your personality type integrate into your work or social environment? What are some examples of your personality type? What is the impact of your personality at work and with other employees you work with? If you do not work in a company, what would be some obstacles you and your team would have to overcome depending on your personality type? What are your biggest lessons learned from this assignment? How can you use this information to improve perceptions in organizational situations?
Your response should be at least 500 words in length. APA is not a requirement for this assignment.


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