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Team Report 2a: Needs assessment (Person & Task Analysis).

a. Using Chapter 4 as a guide, each team will design a needs assessment

process for their training program, prepared to be carried out in client

companies. This includes rationales and data collection tools for both

a person and a task analysis.

b. Develop assessment instruments (e.g., interview questions,

questionnaires, etc.) and explain the rationale of the assessment and

details of the instruments.

c. Here is the outline of your report:

i. Introduction, give an overview of your program, assuming that

there are organizational needs for the program (i.e., skipping

the organizational needs assessment).

ii. Task analysis: if the training is for a specific job/position (e.g.,

certain skill training), start your analysis from a comprehensive

job description. If you aim at multiple jobs/positions (e.g.,

orientation), choose at least two jobs/positions and analyze the

relevant tasks involved with each job/position.

iii. Person analysis: this includes designing and conducting a

survey among your trainees.

iv. Conclusion.

v. Appendix: put all your assessment tools/instruments here.


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