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Topic: Personal Nursing Metaparadigm Order Description For paper one clarify your own beliefs about the metaparadigm of nursing and incorporate those beliefs with those of a specific nurse theorist. This paper is a scholarly opinion which means you synthesizebeliefs from among those of published nursing scholars. Develope and write a personal nursing metaparadigm that describes your view of nursing health person and environment. The student will select a grand or middle range nursing theory to examine and using that theory as an examplar explicate in a written narrative the theorists view of the nursing metaparadigm. Minimum of 3 peer review articles and one text. No first person use is acceptable. Requirements for paper 1 Introduction: Identify topic identify purpose of the paper clearly transition into body of paper Body of paper: Demonstrate synthesis of materials referenced minimal use of direct quotation Heading and Content for each section: Personal metapradigm: address person health environment and nursing. Expressed beliefs indicate thoughtful reflection of experience with nursing and knowledge of practice. Theory: Identify a grand or middle range theory as the basis for all 4 papers. Give a brief overview of the theory and why chosen. Literature review: Synthesize information from peer reviewed literature to discuss the origin of the theory. Describe the metaparadigm from the perspective of the theorist to include client health environment and nursing. Conclusion: Summerize major concepts. Synthesize thoughts presented in body of the paper and relate these to the introduction. Use current resources from scholarly sources. Use APA format. Cite references appropriate throughout paper. Use of topical heading required. No abstract required. Length of paper 3 pages not including reference page.


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