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This assignment is for my persuasive speech. Please use the outline below.
Thank you!
Rhetorical purpose: A speech to persuade
Specific purpose: To convince the audience of/about…
Organizational pattern: Claim, problem-solution, comparative advantage, etc.
Thesis: A complete, single, declarative statement of the central idea of your speech
Introduction: Written out in a paragraph form more or less as you plan to give it
Body: Three main headings (Roman numerals) should be the most you will need. You must use at least two. Include subheadings to the second indentation (capital letters). All entries must be complete sentences and should be parallel in form. Do not use questions in the outline.  Transitions may be indicated if you wish. Use one of the patterns of organization listed in the text (see Chapter 13): Problem-solution, comparative advantage, etc.


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